With the release of its latest InterVision software suite, Intervid Inc. has entered a new era for the company and its customers. Until recently, our surveillance software operated only on our purpose built hardware. The new InterVision software can now be loaded onto any Windows or Linux server.

The integration of third-party vendors’ cameras has continued and now includes most of the popular brands available on the market. This process is ongoing as new IP cameras are continuously being introduced to the market.

This latest offering also encompasses analog and hybrid systems which is important as we have loyal clients who have been using these systems for many years and would like to embrace the new IP video trends while still using their existing equipment.

Most recently, a monitor recording application has been added, Observer, to the InterVision software suite. Observer enables any monitor connected to any computer on a network to be streamed, stored and viewed, as if it were an IP camera.

Imagine an operator following a suspect through an area and switching between several cameras. In the normal situation, if you wanted to archive the cameras in question, you would have to find the relevant footage on each camera and then archive them sequentially. If the operators’ monitor was being recorded using Observer, you would only have to archive the Observer recording as it will contain all the cameras that the operator viewed.

This feature also enables the recording of other computer screens like point of sale monitors.

The feature is easy to use and the monitored video streams can be configured in terms of bitrates, resolution and frame rates; exactly like an IP camera