Intervid has recently installed yet another Code Blue system at a multifaceted ‘Town Center’ style shopping center in Northern Virginia.

Code Blue is the pioneer in Blue Light Emergency Phones which are installed in thousands of higher education, corporate, hospital, airport and municipal locations worldwide, offering American-made emergency communication solutions with full diagnostic capabilities.

These vandal-resistant outdoor emergency phones and public address systems help communicate with those in harm’s way as clearly and effectively as possible.

These products are innovative, rugged, powerful and easily integrated.1276277868stc_04-1-485-



Core 1

Help Points

The trademarked cylindrical design and unmistakable craftsmanship makes these help points the most attractive on the market. The help points have withstood the punishment of tornadoes, floods and other natural and man-made disasters. Through it all, they stand guard as a deterrent and shine as a beacon for those in need.


Advantages and features

Trademarked cylindrical design that is both beautiful and aerodynamic

Fully customizable colors and graphics to match your brand

Compliant with the latest regulations

Easily scalable for future expansion and renovation

Self-monitoring solutions that provide real-time status reports right down to the button


Core 2

Emergency Signaling

When the time comes and the button must be pushed, it has to work — every time.

Every detail, from the speaker to the key pad to the very button that is pushed, is responsive and interactive. And if it is not, the self-diagnosing solutions will tell management immediately that there is a problem.


Advantages and features:

Minimize trenching with unique power and communication options

Self-monitoring solutions that provide real-time status reports

Easily scalable for future expansion and renovation

Easy to operate and managecode blue - colleges





Core 3

Incident Response

In an emergency situation, a single second cannot be wasted thinking about what comes next. Immediate action is required. That is why you need a solution that is pre-configured based upon response planning, so when the incident occurs, response is efficient and effective at the touch of a button.


Advantages and features:

Configurable to your organization’s policies and procedures

Fast, simple and secure broadcasting process

Interactive emergency response platform for responders

Customizable to any emergency situation

Compatible with Code Blue Help Points and Emergency Communication Devices

SMS, Email and Mobile alerts

Text to speech capabilities

Fully compliant video and data archiving for each incident

Speaker and microphone volume controls

Area and strobe light control

Remote door and gate access control



Systems Management

The days of sending around “button pushers” to test your phones are over. With Code Blue, the systems management solutions provide the efficiency of full programming, diagnostic and archiving capabilities for the devices on your network right from your control center. Plus, with the customization options, you can have a solution that matches your needs and your network.


Advantages and features:

Self-monitoring solution that provides real-time status reports down to the button

Allows for remote updating of devices on network

Highly scalable for future expansion and renovation

Customizable to your network and configuration

Email notification for faults or programming errors

Locally stored message recordings for each unit

User-friendly, web-based graphical user interface

Daily or weekly test scheduling

Diagnostic logs for error tracking


Evolution continues with the addition of new software and hardware designed to meet the ever-changing needs of customers who require an advanced level of incident deterrence that establishes a safe environment.

Keeping you safe wherever you go!


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