Providing a safe environment for your students, faculty and visitors is as fundamental as providing a cafeteria, classroom or gymnasium.  Knowing you are always safe contributes to the quality of life of everyone on campus as well as the learning experience of every student.

When it comes to providing solutions for the education industry, Intervid has the experience, the expertise and the products.shutterstock_139406252

Intervid views each education environment as a unique challenge and is able to provide a powerful custom solution due to the particular flexibility and scalability of our products. Our solutions go beyond surveillance in offering sophisticated intelligent management tools that enable operators and managers to function in a multi-tiered control environment.

Intelligent video surveillance systems offering a range of video analytics are now more important than ever in improving the effectiveness of a security system. These would include Object Tracking, Vehicle Speed and Direction, Loitering, Line Crossing and Background Image Stabilization.

Advanced video analytics allows your surveillance system to automatically pinpoint significant incidents allowing for immediate action including notification to control rooms, alarms and automatic lock-downs.

Both internal and external security should be considered in providing impregnable security to a school campus.

External security would include the video recording and monitoring of all parking facilities and Entrance-exit points to capture every visitor who enters the facility. Access control and visitor management of the main entrance offering selective access to the school building, providing a simple and effective way to register, badge and track visitors. Once the visitor has authorized access and is registered, an individualized badge is generated and specific visit restrictions may be set, such as the name of the allocated escort, clearance level, access area and visit expiry time. If the visitor does not sign out as specified, an alert is triggered to check if the visitor has left the facility.  All visitor transactions at access-controlled doors are recorded and any infringements of site security are immediately reported. The system also provides extensive reporting capabilities ensuring that you have centralized and complete records of your visitor traffic thereby further strengthening visitor security. Installation of call stations at strategic locations throughout the campus grounds provides easy access for students and staff to security whenever necessary, enhancing the security coverage of the school perimeter.

Internal security would include cameras placed in hallways and all common areas monitoring behavior and safety of students, faculty and visitors as well as intruder behavior and movement in the case of a high risk situation. Card readers provide controlled access of authorized staff to high risk or private areas as well as providing a lock-down function in a high risk situation.

The integration of video with third party systems such as, access control, fire panels, alarm panels and call centers makes it possible to respond more efficiently and pro-actively to potential threat activity.

Augment the quality of life of everyone on campus and the learning experience of every student with Intervid’s sophisticated intelligent security management systems!


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