Which technology is best for your application? The converging communities of physical security and IT make keeping up with the latest technologies difficult at best, let alone trying to make a selection while maintaining quality, compliance and value. Intervid does more than just keep up with the latest technology, we are driving innovation and trends. We take a needs-based solutions approach when selecting and implementing the right technology for your application.

Intervid systems offer flexible and scalable solutions from a single stand-alone application to large multi-site roll-outs to enterprise-wide control room monitored networks.

Law Enforcement Solutions:

Intervid provides End-to-End Solutions to the Law Enforcement Community that include;

Digital and Physical Evidence Management

Local and Cloud Based Storage Solutions

Audio and video Interview Room Recording

Body Worn Cameras

In-Vehicle Video

City Streets Surveillance

Intervid’s Needs Based Approach has us listen to client requirements, layer on our experience, and access a wide range of technology to design Non-Proprietary Solutions.  Intervid strives to provide solutions that always place our client’s interests first.  This philosophy has taught us above all else to adhere to the following key principals;

  1. Non-Proprietary Solutions ensure the very best solutions, support and value; while protecting the client’s interest by ensuring the client keeps leverage and control.
  2. Needs Based Solutions assess the client’s needs and then tailor the right system design to meet those needs as opposed to using a “Shoe Horn Approach” to fit the wrong solution because that is either all a provider has to offer or it is proprietary.

Digital video Surveillance:

Traditional, hybrid and IP-based systems on a choice of platforms, including Linux and Microsoft Windows, that incorporate a variety of compression formats (i.e. H264, MPEG and JPEG), mean that your solution will never be pigeon-holed into one technology.

Real-time monitoring and recording rates, with superior resolution, a host of powerful image processing algorithms and a comprehensive central station suite, all packaged in a graphical, user-friendly interface, ensure that Intervid Video Solutions go way beyond simple monitoring and recording.

Intervid recommends and implements a variety of systems including:

Intervid offers a selection of traditional and IP-based Integrated Electronic Access Control Systems. All systems we offer feature an intuitive graphics user interface with web browser access and they support advanced features like smart cards, bio-metric technology, comprehensive reporting, photo ID badging and more. Whether you install your own head-end server on site or have Intervid host your distributed system on our central server farm, we have a solution tailored to your needs.

Intervid recommends and implements a variety of systems including:

Intervid’s Intrusion and Perimeter Detection solutions provide seamless integration with supported Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems.   They can be programmed to record door openings and closings, determine the difference between a workday and a holiday, allow protection of certain areas after hours while leaving others open to authorized employees, trip only if more than one door is opened within a certain time interval, give more rigorous protection to sensitive areas and can record and report unauthorized entry attempts.

Intervid recommends and implements:

Intervid’s Fleet Management Solutions incorporate a full range of GPS/GSM based Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Telematics and in-vehicle Video Surveillance Systems. These include the following market leading components:

I-Hub, Intervid’s in-vehicle mobile hardware component suite that affords clients the ability to manage fleet activity utilizing GPS/GSM functionality capable of accepting driver key modules, wired connections to multiple vehicle system components and a serial connection to our in-vehicle recording platforms. This suite also includes a trailer variation with an independent power source as well as an OBD version available for rapid deployment.

I-Vid, Intervid’s in-vehicle video recording component supports 32/64MB SD cards, up to 4 analogue cameras and includes full Wi-Fi and synchronized audio capability.

I-Profiler, Intervid’s Fleet Management hosting and distribution platform that utilizes a powerful API to support integration with third party modules. I-Profiler can prioritize messaging based upon business requirements and content based subscription in accordance with specific, per user, defined Active Subscription Profiles (ASuP’s)

I-Zone, Intervid’s extensive fleet management software platform is capable of delivering trip reports, utilization reports, fuel consumption reports, driver reports, Geo-fence route management reports, vehicle position views and vehicle tracking.

Intervid recommends and implements the following systems: