Health Monitoring

One of the biggest threats to any security solution is the reliability of the system. Even reliable systems have downtime and it is extremely important for management or maintenance service providers to have a continuous analysis of the “health” of their systems.


InterVision’s Health Monitoring feature provides continuous monitoring of all  components including hardware and software integrity. It provides real-time analysis of the system and can be configured to send alarms to selected recipients if problems are detected.  The system can also be configured to send status reports to a client selected email address with a full  system overview on cameras, hard drives, environment, communication, abnormal event numbers, recording times, recording set-up, hardware configuration, software versions, etc.


Our customers have expressed delight in being notified that a camera has failed or is intermittent BEFORE missing an incident, receiving information that a hard drive is going to fail BEFORE losing video footage or critical events and automatically receiving emailed system health status reports BEFORE a system fails.


Intervid offers a maintenance service to customers, if they prefer not to monitor their own systems, which allows our maintenance engineers to perform corrective maintenance as required, providing peace of mind when it comes to ensuring the uptime of our customers’ systems.