Sexual assaults, school shootings and other forms of on-campus violence are a major part of the national discussion of campus safety.

News of shootings and assaults from incidents like the Virginia Tech Massacre and the University of Virginia’s alleged ‘Rape on Campus’, sends shock waves through students, parents, faculty and administrators and too serve as major precedents for college safety.

The threat of a stolen laptop isn’t as frightening, but there are many types of crime that can affect college students. Colleges have a responsibility to keep their students, faculty and staff safe.

Emergencies from campus shootings to severe weather are often unexpected and can be crippling to institutions that are not prepared. A critical step in equipping your campus with safety strategies it to invest in an integrated security system.Lecture

College administrations need to prevent and plan for such emergencies by taking into consideration, at least, the following safety measures for on-campus safety

  • Installation of call stations at strategic locations throughout the campus grounds providing easy access for students and staff to security whenever necessary and providing a system for broadcasting emergencies and action plans.
  • Installation of interior and exterior video surveillance systems with monitoring and recording of all parking facilities, academic buildings, research facilities and placed at strategic points on the campus grounds, will allow monitoring of student and intruder behavior and movement in the event of a high risk situation. Intelligent video surveillance systems offer a range of video  which include object tracking, vehicle speed and direction, loitering, line crossing and background stabilization.
  • Installation of security alarm systems to notify the students, faculty staff, visitors and law enforcement and emergency authorities of a threat on campus.
  • Installation of a mass emergency mobile message alert system.
  • Installation of electronic access control on interior and exterior doors of all on-campus housing, research facilities and academic buildings to allow for an emergency lock down in the event of a threat, as well as, general student safety and asset protection.
  • Provide a campus escort service to provide safety when walking on campus alone at night.
  • Provide security guards for on-campus patrols as an addition to ensuring perimeter security.
  • Take advantage of the growing digital signage trend by flashing emergency messages to passersby. Digital signage setups enable easy connectivity to a campus’ system and frequent quick changes to the message.


Intervid’s sophisticated, intelligent security management systems allow for the integration of video surveillance and monitoring with many of the third party systems mentioned above such as, access control, alarm panels and call centers making it possible to respond more efficiently and pro-actively to all potential threat activity.

Intervid‘s goals are simple: Safety and Security