Intervid Inc. introduces InterVision 2015 with an extended range of new features and impressive capabilities. InterVision 2015 adds more functionality to the software and provides sophisticated solutions to satisfy all security and many business intelligence (BI) management requirements.
Intervid has demonstrated over the past 30 years how the use of surveillance solutions can optimize companies return on investment in terms of security management. Today we have the ability to introduce security surveillance as a business intelligence tool, which can enhance operational efficiencies throughout most organizations, a testimony to why Intervid has, over the years, become the first choice as a surveillance solutions provider for the mining, banking, retail, hospitality, property, education and healthcare industries.

InterVision 2015 offers a range of video analytics to improve the effectiveness of the system. Examples of the various applications include: Object Tracking, Queue Length Analysis, Speed, Direction, Loitering, Line Crossing, Color Analysis and Background Image Stabilization. This software analyzes vast amounts of data, while generating actionable information. Integrated with the surveillance system for almost any installation, the system automatically pinpoints significant incidents, allowing for immediate user-defined action, including notification to control rooms or sending an alarm.
InterVision 2015 ensures zero-downtime in the event of a server recording failure with its Automatic Fail-over Redundancy. The reliability of the system goes hand-in-hand with the kind of stability that customers have come to expect, such as its unique Health Monitoring system, which ensures integrity through the provision of automated warnings of any possible impending failure. This allows maintenance engineers to perform corrective maintenance before a system fails.

The super-quick camera setup allows programming of hundreds of CCTV cameras in a matter of minutes. In addition, InterVision 2015 provides an open platform and includes a host of newly integrated IP cameras. The open platform makes it possible to customize the surveillance solution and select different types of CCTV cameras (native and ONVIF protocols). This ensures that the solution meets the demands of different applications to be integrated seamlessly, providing clients with the best solutions for their application.

One of the major differentiating features of InterVision is its ability to integrate various third-party systems. This integration functionality enables data mining of transactions and associated video footage, which is enhanced by predetermined actions upon information received from various systems, as well as the association of specific actions for events.
The third-party systems include: access control, point of sale, alarm panels, fire panels and many others.

The interactive user interface provides a visual representation of a single or multiple sites. The new video reviewing interface includes a time bar for the optimal user experience when reviewing video footage, including a multi-camera synchronized playback.
A ‘reduced bandwidth reviewing’ feature has been added that enables users to review recorded footage at lower than recorded resolution. This is a fantastic innovation for off-site monitoring solutions. Historically, systems have provided reduced bandwidth streams for live footage. This feature now does the same for recorded 4

“At Intervid, our objective is to provide not just products but integrated solutions which benefit our customers’ entire organization, delivering a demonstrable return-on-investment” says Intervid CEO, Collin Steyn.



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