ShoppersA full service supermarket chain recently took advantage of a feature of the InterVid DSS-6000 hybrid NVR’s that provides a cost effective upgrade path for their video management system. Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, a division of SUPERVALU, owns and operates over 50 stores and has been using the InterVid DSS-6000 hybrid NVR as a key component to their overall loss prevention strategy since 2003. The DSS-6000 hybrid NVR, known for its durability and proven reliability, has been operating in the Shoppers Food stores and corporate headquarters for over 10 years with minimal system failures. However, Shoppers Food wanted to upgrade their video management system to the latest hardware and software. While many NVR’s, including the InterVid DSS-6000, offer the ability to keep their software current, the InterVid DSS-6000 goes beyond that and offers the ability to modularly upgrade hardware components as well.

The InterVid DSS-6000 hybrid NVR allows for the module upgrade of any or all of its components to the latest technology including its application software, operating system software, motherboard, video graphics cards, video compression cards, hard drives, power supplies, fans and chassis. InterVid’s president and COO, Kevin Cornes, elaborates; “The module upgrade benefit of the DSS Series of hybrid NVR’s allows our customers to cost effectively upgrade their systems, as needed, without throwing away perfectly good components. This has proven to be a much less expensive model for our customers than simply replacing a DVR or NVR with a whole new unit, while achieving the same desired result of ensuring their video management systems stay current.”

Shopper_1Shoppers Food was already current with their software and satisfied with the video compression card technology being utilized in their DSS-6000 hybrid NVR population. However, they wanted to upgrade 50 of their DSS-6000 hybrid NVR’s with new chassis, motherboards, power supplies and fans. Over the course of less than one month, InterVid systematically completed this upgrade program. The result was a digital video management system with the latest hardware and software at a fraction of the alternative “rip and replace” cost to purchase new NVR’s.