Intervid Fleet Management brings to market a leading global Fleet Telematics Technology. Intervid Fleet Management’s solutions have assisted companies in increasing the efficiency of their fleets, decreasing operational costs and improving their profitability.

Our solutions are designed and engineered around next generation architecture, an open telematics platform that allows for inter-connectivity between multiple content providers, call centers and in-vehicle hardware platforms. Our products and solutions employ innovative, scalable technology at competitive rates for all your fleet management requirements.

We provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our clients from a variety of industries, including: logistics, utilities, leasing and rental companies, public transport, emergency vehicles, state and local government and law enforcement.

I-Hub: telematics series of in-vehicle hardware components utilizes GPS/GSM functionality, designed to address many of the operational challenges prevalent in commercial fleets. These include activity monitoring, driver behavior management, risk management and overall reduction of operating costs to mention a few.

The I-Hub’s are uniquely configured according to specific user needs to include any, or all of the following functionality:

  •  Automatic vehicle location
  • Driver management
  • Zone management
  • Accident reconstructionslider5
  • Power modes
  • Daily activity summary
  • Least cost routing
  • Vehicle systems interface
  • PDF interface
  • Dynamic trigger configuration
  • Diagnostics trouble code interpretation
  • Driver safety business intelligence
  • Fuel management business intelligence
  • Low energy bluetooth connectivity

I-Profiler: our data hosting and distribution middle-ware platform provides seamless integration to third party systems. The I-Profiler provides a robust reliable communication and data distribution platform between the mobile and back office environments. It creates visibility and provides access to business processes, applications and information to anyone, anywhere, at any given time.

 I-Zone: our user-friendly fleet and consumer management platform provides comprehensive management tools focused on reduction of operational and maintenance costs, increased mobile asset utilization and overall enhanced mobile resource safety.

I-Zone features include:

  •  Browser based, multilingual, telematics platform.
  • Deployed in numerous industries including fleet, logistics and transportation, emergency response, pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Incorporates the following modules:
    • Fleet Management
    • Mobile Resource Management
  • Proprietary mapping engine
  • Wide array of reports in different formats and sent via email as scheduled reports
  • Management Dashboard
  • Automatic vehicle location (polling, active track etc.)
  • Tele atlas maps
  • Location Manager
  • API for third party integration (allows for “painless”development of third party applications)

The I-Zone platform can export reports to many formats and can be scheduled to email automatically to users at any defined time and has both tablet and smartphone applications.

 I-Vid: is an in-vehicle video recording component, which supports 32/64MB SD cards, up to 4 analogue cameras and includes full Wi-Fi and synchronized audio capability.

As Intervid Fleet Management has expanded, so has the depth and breadth of our solutions functionality. We have therefore created packaged solutions for broad market segments as well as tailored solutions for specific industries.


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