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Our supplier, Axis Communications, has announced the release of its innovative surveillance solution the AXIS Q6000-E, with  full 360° overview and detailed zoom.

This is exciting news for Intervid, and our customers.



Axis Coq6000e_q60e_q6042e_q6044e_q6045e_angle_left_1407_himmunications are world leaders in network video, with this unique surveillance solution putting them at the forefront of video surveillance.

The 360° AXIS Q6000-E outdoor-ready, network camera, integrates seamlessly with the AXIS Q60-E Series of PTZ dome network cameras to provide a unique surveillance solution.


The camera allows operators to zoom in on intricate details, with just one click of a button, whilst still maintaining an overview of areas up to 20.000m2 (215,000 sq. ft. – about the size of four football fields). This is an ideal solution for city surveillance applications, such as parking lots, public squares, food courts and various other open, accessible areas.

The AXIS solution provides a simple, effective way to monitor large spaces, while still being able to zoom in on small details. This solves many problems that often occur in larger areas, such as theft or accidents, allowing the operators to effectively zoom in on the targeted area.  The use of two screens provides the means of overviewing a 360° area and a zoomed-in space at the same time.  The system is smart, innovative and space-efficient.

The AXIS Q6000-E makes use of configurable video streams in H.264 compressions, which optimizes bandwidth and storage without compromising on image quality. Increased flexibility is made available through motion JPEG.

Existing AXIS Q60-E cameras are easily upgraded, by being mounted inside the AXIS Q6000-E. There is no additional equipment required for upgrading, which minimizes time spent and cost of installation. There is no need for power cables, with the provision of Power over Ethernet Plus.

The AXIS solution is supported by the Axis Application Development Partner Program, and comes with support for AXIS Camera Companion, AXIS Camera Application Platform, ONVIF specification for interoperability of network video products and AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS) with One-Click Camera Connection.


For more information e-mail: itv_info@intervid.com